Interns available through DEQ

OASE Host Business – Call for Applicants

The Oregon Applied Sustainability Experience (OASE) wants you to host a 10-week, free intern to conduct Pollution Prevention research at your business

Your business may be able to address waste reduction and energy efficiency projects sooner and faster with the help of an OASE intern. An intern can make suggestions that improve efficiency, save money, reduce waste, or decrease regulatory requirements. Also, an intern has the time and creativity to research alternative equipment, procedures, chemicals, and raw materials. All proprietary information at your facility is kept confidential during and after the intern project.

Additionally, you will benefit from:
A new set of eyes looking at your waste or energy project
Your intern being mentored and guided by an OASE engineer or scientist
A full report and presentation detailing the intern’s work and next steps for your company

We received a pollution prevention grant from EPA that will help offset the cost of the full-time, 10-week summer intern. The Oregon Sea Grant and Oregon Dpt. of Environmental Quality will administer this voluntary program. We think your business could be a good fit.

What is Pollution Prevention?
Pollution prevention (P2) is any practice that reduces, eliminates, or prevents pollution at its source, also known as "source reduction." Implementing P2 best practices can improve efficiency, prevent wasted resources and save money.

Last year’s Host Businesses fully endorse the OASE Intern program!
“Our intern experience was very helpful. Our intern was responsible and reliable, and helped focus our team on important improvements to our processes. The program administration process was efficient and effective, too.”
-Penny Machinski, West Linn Paper Company

“Hosting a P2 intern was immensely valuable for Craft Brew Alliance, resulting in tools that are helping us save resources, and projects that have been installed! The OASE program made it easy to bring value both to the business and to the intern’s experience.”
-Julia Person, Craft Brew Alliance

Applications are due Feb. 23, 2018

For project ideas, application details and application forms, contact Lisa Cox at or 503-229-5181. Or review information on the Toxics Reduction and Safer Alternatives web Page.

Published on 
Tuesday, February 13, 2018