Salmon-Safe High Hazard List Updated for 2018

The Salmon-Safe High Hazard List has been updated for 2018. This list contains commonly used pesticides that are considered harmful to fish. LIVE growers with non-vineyard land will be assessed using this list. If you have landscaping or other crops, please be sure to reference this list before developing your spray program.

Some pesticides on this list are found on the LIVE Yellow List of Approved Pesticides. LIVE has a standing variance with Salmon-Safe for vineyard use of certain chemistries, with the requirement that growers restrict usage away from waterways and work to find alternatives where possible. Those that are in conflict will be noted with a pink fish icon on the 2018 LIVE Yellow List to be published this spring.

For questions about Salmon-Safe, please contact Anna Huttel at

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Published on 
Wednesday, February 14, 2018