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LIVE Podcast and Training Platform

Written by Brighid O'Keane
Published on Friday Oct 15, 2021

LIVE has developed two new platforms to share technical training and thought-provoking perspectives on issues related to sustainability with our members. Both resources will be updated with new episodes on a regular basis. Contact Brighid O'Keane, LIVE's Outreach Director, at if you have ideas for topics or speakers.


Growth of the Soil - A LIVE Podcast

LIVE's new podcast series offering thoughtful discussions on various sustainability topics. Listen and follow us at

Current episodes:

  • LIVE Training for Wine Trade: This 7-minute podcast was developed for wine distribution and retail sales representatives in the Pacific Northwest. It provides an overview of LIVE certification, shares results of recent consumer research, and provides streamlined information that is helpful when talking with customers about sustainable wine.
  • Community engagement and license to operate: How to listen and respond, effectively: Brighid was part of a panel discussion at Future of Wine Americas in June 2021. The members of this panel provided practical tips on the process of community outreach, how to listen better, and responding to community issues.


Supporting Beneficial Birds and Managing Pest Birds 

LIVE online training platform is for members and partners to learn about technical topics related to sustainable winegrowing. Our newest session is a presentation by Jo Ann Baumgartner, Executive Director of the Wild Farm Alliance discussing how to best support beneficial birds how to sustainably manage pest birds in your vineyard. Jo Ann covers a variety of topics including:

  • How birds can be beneficial in vineyards
  • How best to manage and co-exist with pest birds
  • Why on-farm habitat and the surrounding landscape influences pest control
  • What growers can do to make farms more bird-friendly and resilient
  • How birds’ diets, foraging strategies, and nesting periods affect the farm
  • Research and resources for growers

Learn more and view additional presentations at

Growing Oaks: Help Us Collect Acorns!

Growing Oaks Update - Acorns Needed & Saplings to Donate

Join us in our goal to collect 100,000 acorns to plant 10,000 Oregon White Oaks back into the Willamette Valley. Our Growing Oaks initiative with Willamette University continues and we’re looking for acorn-collecting volunteers!

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Join Us! Birds & Bees: A LIVE & Bee Friendly Farming Field Day

Join Us! Birds & Bees: A LIVE & Bee Friendly Farming Field Day

A LIVE and Bee Friendly Wine Field Day at Willamette Valley Valley Vineyards with discussion leaders from Cascades Raptor Center and the USDA Agricultural Research Center

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